Installing Sumo on Wordpress

If you have not already signed up for Sumo, check out the Getting Started with Sumo Guide before following the instructions below.

Warning: Your website must be a site - NOT a website.

1 Login to your website's Wordpress Admin Dashboard.

2 Select Plugins > Add New. Search Sumo and then click Install Now


3 Click Activate to finalize your plugin install of Sumo.


4 Click on Settings within the plugin list or on Sumo within the Dashboard Panel itself.


5 New Users: Click on Connect Sumo in order to attach your account to access your Sumo apps and settings. If you're an existing user, go to step 8 to connect your existing Sumo account.


6 Enter in the Sumo account credentials you have already made, or create a new account.


7 Now you're ready to get started!

8 Existing users: Scroll to the bottom of the Sumo page and click on the link for "Need to restore an existing account?".


9 Enter your current site ID into the box below and click "Save Changes" to connect your existing account to the Sumo plugin.


To begin using Sumo, go to, then select your website (if you have multiple) and you will be auto logged in. Alternatively, you can add /#/sumome/app/login to end of your browser URL where Sumo is installed (Example:

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