Setting up a Formsync integration

Using a Hubspot form with Formsync? Check out our guide!

What is Formsync?

FormSync works by taking a form from your email service provider and "syncs" Sumo to it when your visitors subscribe.

Sumo collects your Email and additional fields with its apps then it writes those to your "Form" through FormSync. Sumo then submits your form to pass that information to your email service.

FormSync is not a way to import customized forms to be displayed with Sumo. It is a way to map Sumo apps to your form, using Sumo as the front-facing opt-in that your visitors will see.

FormSync does not currently support dynamic fields, only static fields.

Your Form:

  • Pushes collected information to your service
  • Has an Email field
  • Can have additional fields (optional)


  • Collects Email
  • Collects any additional fields
  • Takes these fields and syncs them to your form.

Setting up Formsync

First, you'll need an opt-in form provided by your email service provider. Once you have that, here's how to add it into Formsync:

  • Log into Sumo!
  • Open the Launcher Settings menu at the top-right of the Launcher and select Settings 
  • Click on the Integrations tab at the top
  • Now you will see a list of various Email Service Providers.  Select "Formsync
  • Click the "Connect" button
  • Enter your form code into the top section
  • Select the email field from your form

Setting up extra fields

Does your Formsync form contain multiple fields? You'll need to set those up in your Sumo email apps. In this example, our form has an additional "First Name" field.

List Builder 3

  • Open your List Builder popup editor
  • Select the extra field you have created
  • On the left-hand side, select the Formsync field to associate it with


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