Connecting To An ESP

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1Direct Integrations

2Custom Integrations


bCustom Forms

Once you have created a Sumo form on your site, you will want to make sure Sumo is configured to push your emails to list, so you can use these emails, and establish relationships / grow your business.

In addition to Sumo's integrated Email service, Sumo integrates with a number of third party email service providers. (See here)

1) Direct Integrations

Sumo integrates with a variety of Email Service Providers. (See here)

Some of our most popular integrations are below:

1 Mailchimp

2 Aweber

3 Hubspot

4 Infusionsoft

Note: If you setup a Shortcut form, instead of a customized List Builder form, the Email Service Provider integration is included in the setup editor of the Shortcut, and you can skip this section and proceed to the next step in the Getting Started Guide.

In order to connect Sumo to a third party service, follow the steps below (we will be using Mailchimp as an example):

1Log into Sumo!

2 Open the Launcher Settings menu at the top-right of the Launcher and select Settings

3 Click on the Integrations tab at the top


4 Now you will see a list of various Email Service Providers. Select your desired Email Service Provider (In this example, we will select MailChimp).

5 Click on the Connect button


6 You will now see a Popup that will ask you to Login to MailChimp with your MailChimp credentials. You must provide your Username/Email,Password, and (sometimes) Captcha Security Code.

7 Select a List. If you do not select a list your emails will not pass to MailChimp and be collected. If you see "-- Don't push to list --" Your emails will not pass.

8 Determine if you want to use Double-Opt or not. MailChimp, by default, requires your subscribers to confirm through an automated Email before being added. This is called Double-Opt and adds a step for your user. You can disable it by clicking on this button. If it is grey it is not Disabled.

9 Click Save.


2) Custom Integrations

If you don’t see your service available in our list of integrated services, we also provide the ability to connect to services via custom forms.

You can either use a form built in HTML/CSS, so you can completely customize the look and functionality of your form with our custom form feature, or you can use our FormSync feature to still use Sumo form templates that map to the fields in your custom form.


FormSync allows you to use a custom form from your Email Service Provider, and map the fields of the form to your Sumo popup. In other words, your visitors will see your Sumo popup, but the information they enter will be mapped to your ESP's custom form, then sent to your list in your ESP.

Pro tip: If you do not see your Email Service Provider in our list of integrated services, and you do want your visitors to see your Sumo popup instead of a custom coded one, you should use FormSync instead of our Custom form feature.

Now let's get this setup!

1 First, you'll need an opt-in form provided by your email service provider.

2 Next, Log into Sumo, open the Launcher Settings menu at the top-right of the Launcher and select Settings.

3 Click on the Integrations tab at the top


4 Now you will see a list of various Email Service Providers.  Select "Formsync"

5 Click the "Connect" button

6 Enter your form code into the top section, then select the email field in your form

Note: If your ESP's form contains multiple fields, you'll need to map those to your Sumo form as well. In the example below, our form has an additional "First Name" field.

7 Open your List Builder popup editor

8 Select the extra field you have created

9 On the left-hand side, select the Formsync field to associate it with

Custom Forms

Warning: We do not officially support the use of JavaScript in custom forms. They're not intended to make use of JavaScript, though sometimes it does work. If you notice your custom form with JavaScript stops working, we cannot help. HTML and CSS are fully supported.

1 Click List Builder in your SumoLauncher

2 Select Create New Form in the top right

3Step 1, My Goal: select "Collect Info With Custom Code"

4 Paste the HTML into the "Custom Form HTML" field.

5Preview the Form to make sure it looks good, then click Make Live!

Pro tip: Setting up a custom form or FormSync integration can be a bit tricky, so if you’re having trouble, feel free to send an email to, and a member of our support staff will help you get this setup.

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