Integrating Sumo with Mailigen

Connecting Sumo to Mailigen

    1. Select the App you want to connect to Mailigen and click on "Services".
    2. Now you will see a list of various Email Service Providers.  Select "Mailigen"
    3. Enter your API Key and then click on the "CONNECT" button
    4. Almost Done!  You will now See Mailigen connected!  Now you must make sure of the following:
      • Select a List!! If you do not select a list your emails will NOT pass to MailChimp and be collected. If you see "-- Don't push to list --" Your emails will not pass.
      • Determine if you want to use Double-Opt or not.  Mailigen, by default, requires your subscribers to confirm through an automated Email before being added.  This is called Double-Opt and adds a step for your user.  You can disable it by clicking on this button.  If it is grey it is NOT Disabled!
      • Determine if you want to use a Thank You email or not.  Each Mailigen list can have an email sent to new subscribers after they subscribe, called a "Thank You email".
      • Click "SAVE"!  You did all that hard work!  Now "SAVE" it!

Creating Custom Fields in Mailigen (advanced)

Sumo allows you to create many different types of fields. You'll need to make sure that any Sumo fields you have set up are also set up on the Mailigen side.

  • Here's a great guide Mailigen has available on creating new fields for your list
  • Make sure that the Merge Tag on the Mailigen end has the same name as the Variable Name on the Sumo side as below:

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