Welcome Mat Instant Landing Page

Want to turn your Welcome Mat into a landing page and force visitors to interact with it before reaching your page?

You can do that with our Pro feature, Instant Landing Page! We've found it results in a massively improved conversion rate.

Also check out The Sumo-Sized Guide to Building the PERFECT Landing Page for great tips!

Where to find Instant Landing Page

First, create a Mat that you want to use as a landing page in Welcome Mat.  Once you've done this, open the Mat and click on the Behavior tab on the left.  Scroll down until you see the "Enable instant landing page" setting and turn it on.  Finally, Save the Mat.

Now your Mat is set up as a landing page that visitors can't scroll past!  You're set to 2x conversions!

A Pro tip

You can remove the close button on your Mat so that visitors can't close it either, and they have to interact with your Mat!

  1. Open your Mat and click on the Advanced tab
  2. Remove the code for the close button on your Desktop Mat
  3. Remove the code for the close button on your Mobile Mat
  4. Hit Save
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