Adding video to Welcome Mat

Have an awesome video that you want to add to your Welcome Mat for impact?  You can do that if you're a Pro user! Here's how in 3 easy steps:

How to set up Welcome Mat Video

  1. Convert your video into 3 separate video files: MP4, OGG and WEBM.

    Different browsers support different video file types. In order to make sure that all of your visitors are seeing the video properly, you'll need to convert your video into MP4, OGG and WEBM versions.

    If you're not sure how to do that, here are a couple of great free tools that will allow you to convert your video easily and freely:

  2. Have a placeholder image available.

    In case a visitor's browser is unable to view your video, this placeholder image will show on your Mat instead of the video.  Otherwise they'll just see a blank background with the text and buttons you've set up.

  3. Create a new Welcome Mat and use the "Motion" template.

    Now you can add the three video files (MP4, OGG and WEBM) along with your static image to the template. After adding all 4 at the top of the Design tab, customize the rest of the Mat to appear how you want it and then hit Save.

    That's it! Now your Mat is set to grab the attention of your visitors immediately with your stunning video.

How does this work on Mobile Devices?

Welcome Mat video behaves differently on desktop vs. mobile devices due to how each operating system works. Due to potential bandwidth issues, neither Android or iOS allow automatic playing of video in their browsers. Here are how each different mobile operating system handles Welcome Mat Video:

  • Android:
    • Your Mat will load using the placeholder image. In order to start the video, visitors will need to tap the background.
  • iOS:
    • Your Mat will load using the placeholder image. Video cannot be used to show to visitors using iOS devices.
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