Hidden Badge (Login Badge)

Setting your badge to 'Hidden' will hide the badge from visitors, but not from you. Here is how you get your login panel back to access Sumo:

To watch this section on the video above, skip ahead to the 1:07 mark.

Method 1: Auto Login

Go to:

Select your Website (if you have multiple) and you will be auto logged in :)

Method 2: Direct URL 

Add this to the end of your URL path where Sumo is: 



Method 3: Secret Handshake! :)

Make sure you're viewing your website in your browser.  Click on any white/empty space on your website.  This will ensure that your website and browser are your active window.  Now type:


This means to type the word sumo then press the up arrow on your keyboard.

Method 4: Sumo Plugin (Chrome Browser Only)

Click here to install our awesome Sumo Chrome Browser Extension plugin.  After you install it, just visit your website and click on the blue Sumo icon to login.

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