"You're not authorized for this site" error message

The error "You're not authorized for this site", is shown because you are logging in with the wrong email address.  If you've tried resetting your password through the "Forgot your password?" link and are still are unable to login, then it's a clear indication that this account is not the one that was used to register your Website with Sumo.

People will frequently make a small typo when creating their Sumo account or when registering a new SiteID to a website.

You will need to login with the correct email, if you don't know it, Email us a ticket with your website URL that you're attempting to access, and we can assist you.

Once you login, you can correct or change the email you want associated with the account by:

  • Click on Sumo Crown
  • Click on Settings Icon
  • Click on Account
  • Change Email and Save

If you are unable to access the account that registered Sumo to your website you will have to verify the website is yours before we can assist/change it for you.

You will need to modify your source code and add:


Once that is complete, Email us a ticket including your website URL and we can change it for you.

Using Google Tag Manager?

Did you install Sumo through Google Tag Manager? Take a look at our GTM installation guide HERE.

Make sure that you've modified the install code correctly, as per step #5:

GTM install script:

<script>document.write("<scr"+"ipt src=\"//\" data-sumo-site-id=\"YOUR SITEID HERE\" async=\"async\"></scr"+"ipt>");</script>

Using W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache has a setting called "JS Minify" that can cause the Sumo install code to stop working properly and cause this issue.

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