Popups not displaying

We use cookie's to determine if a visitor has seen a popup.  Once a user has seen your popup, until this cookie expires they will not be able to see it again (depending on your settings).

We highly recommend using Google Chrome's Incognito mode to test your website to view your apps as if you were a new visitor.  It is more effective than clearing your cache and removing your cookies.

If you are having issues with your testing your popups, that is most likely why.  If you are not seeing your popups even in Google Chrome's incognito, double-check the following:

  • The app you want to display is not paused in the SumoMe app dashboard
  • You have a campaign created in the app you want to show, and that campaign has a Popup/Mat/Box/Bar added to it
  • The campaign and the Mat/Popup/Box/Bar are not set to Paused
  • Your Display Rules are set up correctly to show on the page you're not seeing any apps trigger

If you're still having issues, please contact us HERE.

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