Sumo SiteID

When you install Sumo, either manually or through our Wordpress plugin, you're installing our embed code.  It looks like this (though not exactly):

<script src="//" data-sumo-site-id="356554a8c9623d4062cc4f01730f19f6a5a032770a67b174cfd3250b0186c59d" async="async"></script>

Sumo registration and purchases are SiteID based. You can register as many SiteID's as you want under your Sumo Account but the SiteID is what stores your data (apps, settings, purchases and subscriber list).

Sumo Account (email):

* SiteID 1

  • Apps/Settings
  • Subscriber list
  • Purchases

* SiteID 2

  • Apps/Settings
  • Subscriber list
  • Purchases

Your Sumo install code should only be used on 1 website (domain).

We recommend unique SiteID's per website to ensure your data (apps, settings, subscriber list and purchases) are tied to the proper websites, as nothing can be merged, transferred, or separated.

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