Managing A/B Tests

Running a successful A/B Test

Now that you've created your first A/B test, you can set up the testing parameters, monitor its performance and end the test when you're ready to.

Adjusting the Traffic percentages for variants

By default, in a Two-Form Test, each will have a 50% chance of being shown. If you want to adjust that, you can change the sliders in the Tests view:

Sumo List Builder - Adjusting traffic percentages

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Viewing and understanding your stats

To see the Stats on your Test, head over to the Tests view. There you can see how each Form in the Test is performing.

Sumo List Builder - Viewing and understanding stats

Conversions and Conversion Rates

  • Views - How many times each Form was viewed
  • Conversions - How many times each Form converted (email submitted or call to action clicked)
  • Converion Rate - The percentage of Forms viewed that converted

Statistical Significance

Very important! Statistical Significance shows how accurate the results of your Test are. You shouldn't end a test with lower than 95% statistical significance in order to make sure the results are useful.


Baseline is the base Form you're testing against Variants. Each variant will show a percentage compared to the baseline's performance.

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Ending a Test

Once your test has been running for a while and you're confident in the results (remember: 95%+ Statistical Significance!) it's time to select a winner.

Choosing a winner

Open up the Tests view and click Use This next to the Form you want to select as the winner of the Test.

Be careful! Once you select a winner, all other Forms in the Test will be lost and the winner will replace the Baseline Form!
Sumo List Builder - Choosing a Test winner

Copying a Variant as a New Form

If you're fond of one of the lower-performing Forms in one of your tests, you can choose to copy it as its own Form to keep it safe. To do that, select Copy as Form from the dropdown next to it.

Sumo List Builder - Copying a Variant as a New Form

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