Viewing List Builder Stats

After you've been running Tests for a while and improving your conversion rates, you may want to take a look at your historical stats. You can see your overall stats, stats for specific Forms, and even download a CSV file of your subscriber list!

  1. Choose Date Range
  2. Choose Form
  3. Choose Stat type
    • Views
    • Emails Collected
    • Clicks
    • Average Conversion
  4. Download CSV

Choose Date Range

The default Stats view shows your Form Views since first using List Builder. Want to narrow down the date range? Simply select the date range in the dropdown menu at the top-left!

List Builder Stats Date Range

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Choose Form

You can also view the stats for specific Forms by selecting them from the second dropdown at the top of the window:

List Builder Stats Form Choice

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Choose Stat Type

The default stat shown is Views but you can change that to Emails Collected, Clicks, or Average Conversion Rate by clicking on the stat you want to show.

List Builder Stats Stat Type

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Download CSV

If you want a copy of your full subscriber list you can click on the Download CSV button. This will let you import it into an Email Service Provider (e.g. MailChimp) so you can interact with your subscribers.

Just want the past 7 days of subscribers? Click Download 7 Days from the CSV dropdown menu.

List Builder Stats Download CSV

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