Installing Sumo On BigCommerce

If you have not already signed up for Sumo, check out the Getting Started with Sumo Guide before following the instructions below.


Install using the Sumo App (coming soon!)

Follow these steps to get Sumo installed on your BigCommerce store using the Sumo App:

  • Go to the App Marketplace (Apps > Marketplace) in your BigCommerce store and search for Sumo.1.png.
  • Click Install to install the Sumo App.2.png
  • Select Confirm to install it.3b.png

The Sumo App is now installed! If this is your first time installing the Sumo App, you may see a Sumo Installation Error at the top-right.4.png

Here's how to make sure Sumo is installed properly:

  • Click the Click Here button.
  • A window should pop up with the following troubleshooting steps:
    1. Step 1: Open your Scripts section in your BigCommerce Store.
    2. Step 2: Copy the Sumo install code and paste it into your BigCommerce Store's Scripts section.
    3. Step 3: Click the button below to close the popups.

If you've followed those 3 steps, the Sumo App will re-analyze your Store and check to see if Sumo is installed correctly. If so, you'll see Sumo Verified at the top-right.12.png

Once Sumo is installed, you can click on the green Connect button to get started!

Install manually

  1. Login to your BigCommerce Dashboard and click on Storefront in the left side bar menu (or, if you see Storefront Content and Storefront Design in the menu instead, click on Storefront Design).
  2. Next, click on the Footer Scripts option.
  3. Or, if you had to click on Storefront Design in the last step, make sure you're in the Design Options tab.
    On the right side, there are some navigational links at the top. Select Scripts, which is to the right of both Logos and Carousel & Social Media.
  4. Place your Sumo install code in this section and then click Save.15.png
  5. Go back to your BigCommerce Dashboard. Click on the View Store icon (located in the top-left corner) to preview your BigCommerce site.
  6. Congrats, you're all done! Navigate to the top-right corner of your website and enter your Sumo credentials to start using Sumo!

Uninstall the Sumo App (coming soon!)

  • Open the Sumo App.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Uninstall Sumo.8.png
  • A window should popup with steps to uninstall Sumo:
    1. Step 1: Click the button below to open your Scripts section:
    2. Step 2: Remove the Sumo install code from your BigCommerce Store's Scripts section.
    3. Step 3: Click the button to close the popups and proceed to the uninstallation page for the Sumo App.
  • Click Uninstall to remove the Sumo App.11.png

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