My List Builder Form isn't showing!

Here are the most common reasons why your List Builder Form may not be showing:

Cookies preventing Form from showing

By default, anytime you view a List Builder Form you have a cookie set in your browser. This cookie prevents you from seeing another one until it expires.

Solution: Open up a fresh Incognito/Privacy mode browser window (close any other existing ones first!). Then open up a page on your site where you should see a List Builder Form showing as it's set to.

Display Rules not set correctly

Sometimes Display Rules are set up in a way that they aren't working exactly as you wanted them to. Here's an example:

  • Show on the Home Page
  • Don't Show on Desktop

Looking at those rules, you may think that it would always show on the Home Page (even on Desktop) because that's what the "Show" rule says. But "Don't Show" rules always override "Show" rules when the two are in conflict, so the Form would never show on Desktop devices.

Solution: Double-check your Display Rules and if you're just not sure? Reach out to us. 😁

Multiple Forms set on the same page

By default, Forms using the Popup and Scroll Box Form Type have a feature called Yield Tech enabled in the Visibility tab.

Yield Tech will prevent a Popup or Scroll Box from appearing if another Sumo Form has already triggered on that page load.

Solution: To change this, open up the Advanced Settings in the Visibility tab of your Form's settings.yield_tech.png

The Form is paused

It's okay, sometimes we just forget to turn the Form on. Just head into your List Builder app and open the Forms tab. Make sure that the Form you want to show is turned on!

Solution: Click the "Make Form Live" button if the Form you want to show is paused!list_builder_paused.png

Sumo is not installed

Sumo needs to be installed on your site before your Forms can start showing. Here's how you can verify that Sumo is installed on a specific page on your site:

Sumo Login badge not set to "hidden"? (default)

Go to the page you want your Form to show on. Take a look at the top-right of the page. You should see a blue tab (if you aren't logged into Sumo) or a set of white buttons (if you are logged in).

Solution: If you see nothing at all, Sumo is not installed! Check out our installation guides if you aren't sure how to install Sumo on your website.

Sumo Login badge set to "hidden"?

First, install the Sumo Chrome extension. Next, go to a page on your website you want your Sumo Form to show up on.

If Sumo is installed correctly, the extension badge should be blue (unless you've installed Sumo through the Shopify Sumo app). You can also click on the extension badge to log in!

Solution: If you see nothing at all, Sumo is not installed! Check out our installation guides if you aren't sure how to install Sumo on your website.

Important side note: If you aren't seeing Sumo Forms on your mobile site, make sure that you have Sumo installed on your mobile template (if separate from your desktop template)!

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