Managing your Subscriptions and Payments

This article covers how to make changes to your current Sumo Pro subscription as well as how to manage your payment methods. If you wish to cancel a subscription, or to resubscribe to a previously canceled subscription, visit this article.

Before we start, make sure you're logged in to Sumo. If you need help with that, here's an article that can help you out.


Locating your Subscriptions

After you successfully log in, we need to navigate to the Subscription page for the subscription you want to modify. This section covers the steps to get there, which vary slightly depending on the specific pricing tier you are currently on.

First, open the Sumo Launcher, then click on the Sumo Store button toward the top right.


You can now see several tabs such as Plan, Billing, Payment Methods, & Refer a Friend within the Sumo Store.


Look for the subscription you wish to cancel, then simply click on that subscription to begin managing your subscription on the Subscription page.

Change Subscription Tier

You should now be on the Subscription page.


Look for a section that reads, Traffic not what you expected? Change your Plan: you should see all of the tiers listed underneath, along with your current one.


Select the tier you want to switch to, and select the YES, SWITCH PLANS button in the dialog box that appears to confirm the change.

**Note: If you are going to a higher tier, you will be charged immediately for the amount in the Due now section when you click to confirm. If you are going to a lower tier, you will have a Sumo credit for the amount listed, which is applied to any future purchases at Sumo.

Here is an example of a prorated charge you would get when switching to a higher tier in the middle of your billing cycle:



Change Billing Period

In addition to changing your subscription tier, you can also change your billing period.

Look directly underneath the Description section. You should see something like this (the language is different if you currently have a yearly account):


Select the link in this section to open a dialog box, then select the Switch button to confirm the change.

Manage Payment Methods

This section covers how to you can add a payment method or change the current one for your Sumo subscription.

On the left-hand side, you should see the Payment Methods tab underneath your Billing tab. Select it.


You should see a section for Credit & Debit Cards, which lists any cards you have previously saved for payment here.


Add Credit/Debit Card

To add another credit or debit card to your account, select the ADD CREDIT/DEBIT CARD button.

This reveals a form you can fill out with your card's information: Card Number, CVC/Security Code, and Expiration Date (Billing Address is optional). You can also click on the Default checkbox for to make this card the new default payment method. When you're finished, select the SAVE button.


Change Default Payment Method

To change which card is the default for your subscription payments, look for the card you want to be the new default and select the checkbox under its Default column.

Remove Payment Method

To remove a card from your payment methods, look for the card you want to remove and select the Remove link.


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