Wordpress Plugin "Connect" Button Issues

Connect Button is not Responsive

The connect button for the Sumo Wordpress plugin acting non-responsive is usually caused by localized issue, such as browser cache or cookies. Other plugins in your Wordpress can cause issues as well, such as Privacy Badger. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Clear your browser cache and then restart your browser
  • Clear your cookies for your site ONLY
  • Check for plugins that can be causing issues, such as Privacy Badger
  • Try testing by logging into your Wordpress backend in a fresh incognito/private browser window

If you take those steps and are still having issues, just send us a message here and we'd be happy to help!

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Connect Button keeps Disconnecting

The status of the "Connect" button for Sumo in WP Admin is based on your WordPress "admin mode" session. If your session ends for any reason, including clearing your cookies, switching devices, or a session timeout, your connection to Sumo in WP Admin will end as well. When this happens you can simply reconnect.

Don't worry, though, disconnecting only affects your WP Admin back end. Sumo is still up and running on your front end so your visitors are seeing all of the apps you've set up.

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