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1 Setting up an email capture form

a Best Practices

We know you spend valuable time and money driving traffic to your site. Let's use Sumo to engage those hard-earned visitors, capturing their email addresses and driving sales via your email list!

1) Setting up an email capture form

In order to setup our first email capture form, we are going to use the Grow Email List shortcut. The Grow Email List shortcut allows you to create a popup that is both timed and displays on exit, in only a few, simple steps. You can set the form up to appear after 5, 10, or a custom amount of seconds. If a user tries to leave before that time, the form will appear as they try to exit your site instead.

So let's get your form created! In order to setup your shortcut, follow the steps below:

1 Click the Monetize option, then select Shortcuts from the dropdown menu.


2 Click Create new Shortcut.


3 Click Create This Shortcut underneath Grow Email List.


4 Proceed to follow the steps in the Shortcut Wizard.

Pro tip: In Step 5 of the Wizard, you will be asked to connect to an Email Service Provider. If you leave the default option, Sumo Mail, selected, your emails will not be sent to a third party Email Service Provider, but will be collected within Sumo, and the Welcome Email you designed in Step 3 will be sent to your subscribers.

If you choose an Email Service Provider other than Sumo Mail, your subscribers will be sent to that service, as well as Sumo, so we recommend removing the Welcome Email you configured in Step 3
if you have a Welcome Email setup in your third party ESP's list, so that your subscribers don't receive two emails.


Best Practices:

1 Popup Timing: Review your average page session to make a decision about popup timing. We recommend starting at 5 to 7 seconds. If your average user browses for much longer or if you have a long blog post, consider longer timeframes. See what works for you.

2 Autoresponder: Use this email to tell your new subscriber what to do next. What action should they take next? Here’s a few ideas:

a Link to your best performing blog posts.

b Link to Instagram or Facebook groups where your community hangs out.

c Link to your latest collection or upcoming product landing page.

d Custom call-to-actions: Our standard headlines, description, and button call-to-actions are effective, but try using language specific to your brand and voice. That will resonate with your audience.

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