The Average Order Value Upsell

Why is it important?

  • We’re targeting our exiting users with abandoned cart. Now let’s target visitors browsing your products.
  • Use this strategy to boost your site conversion rate by incentivizing a purchase immediately.
  • Discount code amounts are applied to the checkout cart automatically. No copy/pasting, no follow-ups.


  • Look to aim for a 10% - 20% increase in your average order value.
  • Look for an average redemption rate of 10%. Meaning for each code issued, you want to drive 10% x your AOV.

How do I set this up?

We make it oh-so easy for you. Because what once took only the most advanced Sumo users to achieve this is now bundled up in an Sumo Shortcut.

Best Practices

We’ve seen a lot of success at the $100, $150 & $200 tiers, using 10%, 15% & 20% off. So this is a great place to start.

Also work around your current average order value. If it’s $23, set your tier lower to target an amount higher than that, say 10% orders over $50, 15% over $75, 20% over $100.

Abandoned Cart and AOV Smart Bar Combination

These work perfect together. Keep in mind, these are targeting two different user behaviors. People shopping & people leaving. So it’s perfectly fine to use the AOV to incentive a purchase and still offer the abandon cart to salvage the purchase and get an email for your efforts.

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