Installing Sumo On BigCommerce

If you have not already signed up for Sumo, check out the Getting Started with Sumo Guide before following the instructions below.

1 Installing Sumo

2 Uninstalling Sumo

How to install Sumo

Will Sumo work on checkout pages?

If you are using Optimized One-Page Checkout, you may need to update your theme to enable support for footer scripts. See Applying Storewide Footer/Scripts in BigCommerce's developer documentation for more details.

Follow these steps to get Sumo installed on your BigCommerce store:

1 Login to your BigCommerce Dashboard and click on Storefront in the left side bar menu (or, if you see Storefront Content and Storefront Design in the menu instead, click on Storefront Design).

2 Click Script Manager and on "Create a Script button. Image_2020-02-25_at_6.52.15_PM.png

3 Select these settings: Footer, All pages, Essential, Script and paste the Sumo installation code in the Script field. How to find Sumo installation code?


4 Click Save to save the script and you're done. You can now go to and manage your account from there.

Uninstalling Sumo

1 Go to Storefront/Script Manager.

2 Click Delete next to the Sumo script you created. Image_2020-02-26_at_12.56.13_PM.png

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