Setting Up Your First Shortcut

What are shortcuts?

Shortcuts make it stupid easy to get started capturing email addresses and increasing sales. Better yet, they take less than three minutes to setup!

With our new shortcuts feature, you can create multiple forms at once, in a simple, easy to use editor. This allows you to employ more advanced, multi-form strategies in a fraction of the time it took previously.

How to create a shortcut

1. Log into Sumo on your site.

2. Click the Shortcuts section in the left hand side of the launcher.


3. Click Create New Shortcut.


4. Select your desired Shortcut and click Create Shortcut.


5. Proceed to follow the steps in the Shortcuts editor.


6. When you have finished configuring your Shortcut, click Done! Publish


Editing shortcut forms

After you have created the shortcut of your choice, you can find the edit option for your shortcuts in one of two places:

In the Shortcuts app:

Select Shortcuts within Sumo.


Click Edit next to your desired Shortcut.


In List Builder app:

Select Listbuilder within Sumo.


Click Edit next to your desired Shortcut form.


Note: When clicking Edit on the individual Shortcut form within the List Builder app you will be redirected to the Shortcuts editor.

Shortcut best practices

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