Discount Code Campaigns

You can generate (or import) Discount Codes to offer subscribers when they subscribe through your Sumo forms. If your website is on Shopify, check out our direct Shopify integration to generate codes automatically!

Discount Codes are available on the following Sumo plans:

**Note: All Discount Code amounts are in USD ONLY, even if your store is a different currency. If you create a fixed discount and your store is in a currency other than USD, the Discount Code will still apply as USD and ALL purchase amounts will be reported in USD in the dashboard.

Creating a Discount Campaign

To get started, open Monetize and click on the Discounts tab. Then click on the Create Discounts button to create a Discount Campaign.Image_2020-02-11_at_10.58.37_AM.png

Now you can choose the details of your Discount Campaign. Select a name and campaign type:

  • Generate the discount codes using a prefix: These are unique codes which begin with the prefix you choose.
  • Import the discount codes: You can export a list of codes from your store platform and paste them here.
  • Create a multi-use discount code: Will create a single code which multiple visitors can use.2.png

When you're finished filling out all of the details, click the Save button and your Discount Campaign will be ready for use.

If you ever want to see the status of your Discount Campaign, click on it (or click the View button and you can see a detailed overview of each code:3.png

  • Email - The email of the subscriber who claimed the code.
  • Source - The Form they subscribed on.
  • Page - The page on your website they subscribed on.
  • Status - The status of the code (issued/unissued)

Assigning Discount Campaigns to Forms

The next step after creating a Discount Campaign is to assign it to one of your Sumo Forms. Open (or create) a Form and open the Success message.4.png

This is the message subscribers will see after giving you their email. Replace the default button with a Discount Code button.5.png

Now select the button and click Assign Discount. Select your Discount Campaign and make sure the text under the Assign Discount button says "Assigned Discount: <Your Discount Campaign Name>".6.png

Now after subscribing visitors will be able to click on the Discount Code button and automatically copy the discount code to use on your site immediately.

Sending Discount Codes through Autoresponder Emails

You can also send an automatic email with your Discount Code after visitors subscribe. You can read more about Autoresponder emails here.

In your Autoresponder Email, click on the Insert Discount Code button. Select a Discount Campaign if you didn't already in the Success message. Then click Save Email.8.png

Now your Autoresponder emails will send out the Discount Code issued to each subscriber!

Exporting Discount Codes

If you want an export of your Discount Campaigns, go back to the Discounts tab. Now select any Discount Campaigns you want to export, and a button labeled Export Selected will appear. Click that button and you will download a CSV file containing your Discount Campaign(s).7.png

Pushing Discount Codes as a Hidden Field

Want to send each subscriber's discount code to your Email Service Provider when they subscribe? No problem. First, make sure that you have a discount code campaign added to the form.


Now go into your form's Design section and click on the Hidden Fields button.


  • Variable Name - This is what field name in your ESP the discount code will push to.
  • Variable Value - Enter {discount_code} here (or select it from the dropdown). This will only work if you have a discount code campaign assigned to this form!
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