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1 Setting up the strategy

a Best Practices

b Other Ideas

The Reduce Cart Abandonment strategy will help you turn abandoning users into customers by offering an incentive as they leave. This is the MOST effective strategy for recovering revenue from potential customers who don’t purchase.

1) Setting up the strategy

1 Click the Monetize option, then select Shortcuts from the dropdown menu.


2 Click Create new Shortcut.


3 Click Create This Shortcut underneath Reduce Cart Abandonment.


4 Proceed to follow the steps in the Shortcut Wizard. (Make sure to click Done! Publish)

Note: In Step 5 of the Wizard, you will be asked to select an Ecommerce platform. If you choose WooCommerce or Shopify, codes will Auto-Generated within either Shopify or Ecommerce. If you choose Other, you will have the choice to create a Multi-Use discount code, or upload a list of unique codes to use in Sumo.

Best Practices:

When setting up this strategy, you need to choose your discount offer.

Recommended: 10% offer is our recommended starting place. Expect to see higher conversion rates the higher discount you offer.

Other Ideas:

1 Dollar Amount Offer: Try testing $ discount vs. % discount of the same amount. If your AOV is $100, try $10 off instead of 10% off.

2 The “Weird % Offer”: Try 7% or 9% off. We’ve seen a smaller discount amounts outperform round figures, like 10% or 20%

3 Free Shipping: Free shipping has almost become required. However, you should definitely test this offer if it’s performs well & the costs.

Case Study: After Sumo customer,, launched their abandon cart strategy, their form is converting at 8% and has driven sales of $34,000+. delivers unique discount codes via the popup success message and sumo autoresponder, using our Shopify integration. With a click of a button, the discount is applied automatically to checkout.

Pro tip: Check out our two Sumo Stories, Shopify Cart Abandonment Strategy (10 Shopify Stores With 10X ROI), and Ecommerce Instant Discount Strategy for rock-solid advice on how to crush it on your site.

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