Sumo Pricing 2019

Thinking about upgrading to one of our Sumo Pro plans? This article covers everything available to you when you make the switch!

To view our pricing prior to November 1. 2017, please visit here.

To view our pricing prior to February 14. 2019, please visit here.

Plan-specific Features

Feature Free ($0) Pro ($468/yr or $49/mo)
Email opt-in forms Unlimited Unlimited
Fully customizable design
Social media sharing
Visitor targeting
Advanced visitor targeting  
A/B testing  
Remove Sumo branding  
Sumo-driven revenue Up to $500 Unlimited
Connect your store (Shopify or Woocommerce)
Reduce cart abandonment
Increase average order value
Discount codes
Ecommerce design templates  
Advanced Analytics  
1-on-1 onboarding  
Seats Unlimited Unlimited
Sites Unlimited 3
Traffic 100k / mo 100k / mo

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