Why aren't my emails passing to Mailchimp?

1. Check your account connection.

Sometimes your key that allows you to connect MailChimp with Sumo expires. While this is rare and we send an update request to prevent it from happening, periodically if there's a connection issue it can happen. Simply disconnect and reconnect. Please make sure you are not pasting in any spaces before or after your email and password when you connect.

2. Select a list

Make sure you have your MailChimp list selected.  This is required. If you are unable to view your lists first Step #1 again.

3. Check your Double Opt-In Setting.

Mailchimp, by default, has a Double-Opt enabled. When a user successfully subscribes they will receive a confirmation email from MailChimp asking them to verify the signup.  This does cause potential drop off and you can bypass this by enabling "Disable Double Opt-In". While this will increase and guarantee you get every signup, this may also increase your unsubscribe rate. Double Opt-Ins help to ensure those who signup are very interested.

4. Check to see if the email already exists.

When someone signs up on your website their email is recorded and added to your list before its sent to MailChimp. If you see an entry of an email that appears to be new but did NOT pass to MailChimp it is most likely because the email has already been collected. Sumo will update the list we keep to show their last signup, so while it appears to be new, it is not. You can verify this by checking the email against your entire MailChimp list.

5. Testing properly

To test a submission you must use an email that's NOT already been used.  If you're using an email that already exists it will not duplicate and submit.  If you are using a random fake email address Sumo is designed to detect obviously false email addresses and not submit.

6. Check your List fields and *|MERGE|* tags within MailChimp.

If you are passing additional fields from Sumo to MailChimp, you must make sure the name within the field matches the Name in your Merge Tag. If you are trying to pass "FNAME" and your field name in MailChimp says MERGE3 it will not work as it does not match. Make sure the name matches.

You can read about proper naming of Fields for Sumo here

Also If you have the field set as "Always" under the "Required?" column, you must ensure that it is also enabled as required within your Sumo fields list.  They must match.

Free users cannot have any fields other than Email required.

Here is how to access your List fields and *|MERGE|* tags in MailChimp:

  • Log into Mailchimp
  • Click on Lists
  • Click on the List you are pushing your Sumo signups to
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

To read about how to integrate properly with MailChimp and the importance of each setting please view our Integrating with MailChimp article.

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