Installing Sumo on Blogger/Blogspot

Install Sumo On Blogger

1 Create your Sumo account and click the Sign Up button or sign up with Google!


2 Copy your Sumo installation code


Pro tip: If you already have an account, you can view your SiteID by going to, then clicking the downward facing arrow next to your site's URL, then selecting View Installation Code within the dropdown menu

3 Go to the main dashboard of your Blogger and make sure you have the proper blog selected.


4 Click the Theme tab on the left side of the window.


5 Click on Edit HTML.


6 Search for the opening body tag in the code (<), then paste the Sumo installation code below the opening <body> tag. Be sure to click Save theme.


7 In order to begin configuring Sumo, navigate to, and click the Manage button next to your site


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